Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gifts you give

There are many special people who help make your wedding day a success. It is a nice token to say thank you for their help or their presence. Brides come to us for advice on what to give to members of the bridal party, to families and to guests. We have plenty of ideas that we are happy to share with our brides. Here are some of our guest gift favorites.

• Some of the most popular wedding favors are edibles. Wrapped chocolates or truffles in an attractive box that is imprinted with the couple’s names and date are a big favorite. Also popular are chocolate covered pretzels, nuts, fruits as well as chocolate hearts. In many areas, couples choose to give cookies frosted in wedding colors and packaged in tulle or color matched gift boxes. Some brides have chosen to give small wine bottles with personalized labels with or without wine charms that bear the wedding date and/or names of the couple.

• Couples are also giving living items that bloom and grow like your marriage. Weddings with garden motifs, environmentally themed weddings and ceremonies in outdoor or rustic settings choose favors like potted plants, seedlings, flower seed packets and miniature bamboo shoot plants.

• Other brides prefer a permanent keepsake that is both useful and attractive. Some of the favorites are picture frames, candles and candleholders, glass bowls filled with colored sand or rocks, small books or albums, CDs with favorite songs, ornaments for Christmas weddings, coffee mugs with coffee or hot chocolate packets tucked inside.

• Some couples are choosing to make a donation to a favorite charity rather than provide a gift item. In that case, a printed card is included in each place setting which informs the guest of the donation.

• Be sure that each item has a thank you note attached. They are likely to be pre printed although handwritten notes are lovely as well.

• The placement of favors depends on space available. Many brides have the favors arranged on a separate table near the exit for guests to make their own selections. Or you can ask a friend or friends to help with the distribution as guests leave the party.

• Grouping the favors in the center of the table in an attractive basket or on a mirror does double duty. It insures a centerpiece without incurring the cost of flowers, and thanks the guests for sharing in your special day.

Work with one of our consultants for more ideas on ways to thank wedding guests and special friends.

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