Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Invisible Budgeting

We hear brides say how much they want a big wedding, but it is hard to do on a small budget. We are happy to tell them that with careful planning and some creativity, it can be done. A budgeted wedding does not have to mean cheap. Let us show you how to have a lovely wedding on your budget. • Consider invitations that are on quality paper but are not genuine engraving. • Have the wedding of your dreams within your price range. We can help you find exactly what you want. • For d├ęcor drama in the church or reception area, consider using rental greens in place of large floral arrangements. The greenery adds an elegant touch and provides a perfect background for flowers added to set or reflect your color scheme. Be sure that you choose flowers grown locally and in season. • While a band for dancing may be your first choice, know that a good DJ can provide music and entertainment for far less than a band. • Disposable cameras on the tables can cut back on the photographer’s bill, but you will still want a professional at the helm to insure that the critical photographs you will keep for a lifetime are beautifully done. • Consider having an hors d’oevres /cocktail reception rather than a sit down dinner. In addition to being less expensive (depending on how much and what you decide to serve) it keeps the party moving as guests nibble and move among tables. Call or email us for more ways to have the wedding you want without going over your budget.