Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedding and Event Special

Weddings and Events by Kristin is now offering a 15% off special now through November 15,2012 so please call or email now before things book up! We offer 4 packages, an hourly rate or can customize a package to fit your needs so please contact us asap and happy planning!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cost saving ideas!

The National Retail Federation commissioned a survey on consumer spending conducted by a major research firm.  There were many economic indicators that tended to vary by product area.  But when asked to summarize the findings, the conclusion was “Spend where you need to, save where you can.”  This is good advice for our brides.  Couples coming to us for ideas on how to save money without hurting their wedding dreams find wonderful and practical ideas.

We always counsel our brides to be aware of ways to either bring costs down or keep them in check.  Done in the right places, there are many ways to save on costs and take nothing away from the wedding they have planned.

Because it is the most costly aspect of most wedding plans, major savings can be realized through reception adjustments.  We recommend that our brides consider these ideas.

  • Look for a location that both fits the occasion and requires very little decorating enhancements.  Many spots are fine the way they are.  If brides wish to add décor, most event planners would agree that creating one large decorative element is not only dramatic, but also more budget friendly than a dozen smaller elements scattered around the room.

  • When considering decorating options, always picture the room full.  We counsel brides not to spend excess dollars on décor items that only the first few guests walking into the room will see.  Don’t waste money on decorating the skirting of any of the tables for instance.  As one wedding planner says, “Think tabletop and up”.

  • During receptions, caterers will say that people tend to take less food if it is passed by the wait staff than if it is placed on a buffet table.  The same is true of champagne or other beverages.  The good news about this is that less food or liquor can be ordered and guests still feel pampered.

  • If it is important to the couple to serve a sit down dinner, we suggest that instead of ordering just one high-end entrée they order half portions of two main entrée items.  For example, combining half portions of prime rib and chicken breast, helps to bring down the cost per plate while offering guests a selection with depth.

  • One consultant suggests ordering sandwiches for entertainers and servers instead of the full banquet meal, and having them set up in a separate room from wedding guests.  It gives the staff a place to “get away” for a break and provides food that they can “grab and go” if needed.

For more “invisible” ways to manage costs at your reception, talk with one of our experienced consultants.