Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cake Layers

We would like to share some fun thoughts about wedding cakes.

The cutting of the cake has historic roots.  In ancient Rome the first bites of a wheat cake were eaten by the couple and the remainder crumbled and tossed over the bride’s head like a rain of flour – a fertility rite believed to guarantee the couple lots of kids and a life of plenty.

There is a tradition that says a bridesmaid who carries a slice of wedding cake in her pocket until the honeymoon is over will marry soon.  But not too many bridesmaids today care to carry a gradually drying slab of sugar and flour into the office with them.

According to some customs, small silver ornaments can be taped onto ribbons and placed on a plate under the cake.  Before it is cut, single females pull on a ribbon end to see what ornament they receive.  Each one is symbolic.  A wedding ring signifies marriage, a heart – love, an anchor – hope and a fleur de lis – wealth.

It is also said that guests who put a sliver of the groom’s cake under their pillows will dream of their future spouses.  You have no doubt heard of groom’s cake and wonder if you should serve one at your reception.  For a while it was not widely used, but today’s brides are reviving the tradition.

Typically, the groom’s cake is a dark, rich fruitcake.  But that is also changing.  Whatever its flavor and theme, it can be featured as a companion cake to the more familiar white frosted bride’s cake.  Some weddings have both cakes available for guests and on display.  Some brides elect to have an iced groom’s cake as the top layer of the bride’s cake.  Others choose to pack slices of the groom’s cake in small boxes and have bridesmaids or other helpers distribute them for everyone to take home as a sweet memento of the wedding.

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