Saturday, July 14, 2012

Custom Website and Pinterest Boards

Excited to be adding some new features to Weddings and Events by Kristin. We now offer custom wedding websites for our Happy Couples. Your own website it a great way for guests to have your wedding and reception information, as well as registry information, an rsvp area, etc. literally at the tips of their fingers. (Pricing available upon request.) Our second update is sharing wedding/event ideas with our clients through Pinterest. We can either create a Pinterest Board on the client's account, or add one to our profile that can be posted on by the client as well, We are continuously working on ideas to better serve you and hope you enjoy these new features. Happy Event!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Saw the Sign

Signs at weddings have become increasingly more popular over the last few years. Besides being functional, these signs add a really fun touch. (I especially love them at outdoor events or in an otherwise rustic setting.) What's great about this particular decor is that it is such an easy DIY project! I stumbled upon a great tutorial for it. Hope this helps some of you future sign makers out there.

(Originally from A Country Nest,

wooden wedding sign tutorial

Our wedding theme is rustic elegance and I think these are going to be perfect signs for guests out of town trying to locate our venue. Plus, the remainder will be for ceremony/reception decor.

I practiced on a sample piece of wood today to see how hard/simple this project would be.
I plan on finishing up the remainder of signs within the next two weeks.

Here's what you do:

First, measure the wooden board you are going to use. Adjust the letters to fit and cut them out with your vinyl cutting machine (i.e. Cricut). 

Next, peel out the letters the machine cut & keep the stencil portion on the original backing.
Apply clear transfer tape over top of your stencil and rub. Peel the vinyl backing off by pulling back the transfer tape gently.

Next, apply the stencil to your wooden board. Smooth out the air bubbles with your hand.
It'll look like this:

Pull back the transfer tape, leaving only the stencil behind.

Apply tape around the edges of the stencil to secure the lining & keep the spray paint from getting on the extra wood.

Because of the type of wood I chose, white spray paint wouldn't adhere to the board. 
I recommend testing it out on the backside prior to in order to make sure it'll stick.
The only open can of white paint we had in the closet was ceiling paint, so that's what I used for the base layer.

After I painted on the base layer with this, I let it dry for about 10 minutes then applied indoor/outdoor white spray paint on top for a second coat (not pictured).

{1st coat}

This is the final product!

Here are a few I've gotten inspiration from..

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