Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Elegance on a budget

Even if your wedding budget is smaller than you would like, there are ways to create an elegant event.

Our expertise is helping brides have the wedding of their dreams. We work with a bride to really understand the impact and image that a bride dreams of for her wedding. We help the couple establish a budget and work with them to live within that budget as the wedding is planned. Determine what you can pay and then stick to it.

Some of our advice and guidance encourages brides to:

• Tap personal resources. Are any friends photographers? Does the couple have unused frequent flyer miles? Are any friends caterers or do they own a large home with a yard that could host a wedding event?

• Think outside the box. Plan a wedding for a Sunday afternoon or other unusual time. Don’t select prime time for your wedding. Plan an afternoon cocktail reception instead of a sit down dinner. Get married in the morning and plan a buffet brunch for the reception. Look at unusual places, times and options that can save money but still offer an elegant environment.

• Remember that it’s your wedding, not an entry in the social calendar. If you are visualizing your wedding as a way to impress people, you are sure to overspend. Instead, think of your wedding as a way to celebrate your new life with someone. Keep it personal not fodder for the evening news.

• Reconsider d├ęcor items. Repurpose bridal and bridesmaids bouquets as table centerpieces, skip the aisle runner, keep your invitation simple, choose in season flowers, fill space with rental greens and choose a signature cocktail instead of an open bar.

• Consider the impact of texture. It tends to imply luxury more than a glossy or flat finish. Incorporate texture in the invitation paper, in table cloths, in napkins, menus, place cards, programs.

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