Sunday, December 30, 2012

Must for the Bride to Be

As plans ramp up and your focus is THE WEDDING at the expense of other aspects of your life, take the advice of many wedding planners and Practice Self Care. Do whatever you need to do to unwind, relax and sleep well. Take your vitamins, get healthy exercise and find emotional outlets for the stress you are under. Remember your groom. Do fun things together and plan together. This is not the time to get run down and “catch” the bug that is making the rounds. You need to be healthy and strong and resilient.

Get and stay organized. Start early and document every decision made around your special day. It doesn’t matter if you have high tech records or sheets of paper clipped together or in file folders or paper bags. Whatever system works for you- implement it early and keep it current.

Set a budget and stick to it. Early on the couple should sit down together and decide how much they can afford to spend on the wedding and where they feel it should be spent. Agree on priorities. Talk honestly with parents about their willingness and ability to contribute to the wedding. Look at the major expense items – reception costs, honeymoon, clothing, photographs, entertainment, and flowers. Working within those guidelines makes other decisions easier.

Remember to be grateful for all that you have and all that others are doing for you. You will get gifts, good wishes and offers of assistance. Remember to thank everyone for their offers. Weddings are joyous affairs and people want to be a part of a positive and exciting event that a marriage truly is.

Remember your plans and don’t be derailed. You’ve set your budget and made significant decisions. Don’t be tempted to play “one ups manship”. You’ll go to other weddings while planning yours and see lots of ideas. Some you’ll want to copy and others you won’t but before you do, remember your budget. This is your wedding – not a copy of your old college roommate’s big day. She had her event. You’ll have yours.

Let go of bridal guilt. No one can make everyone happy all the time. Worrying about it takes up far more time and energy than is deserved. Sometimes guilt is good. It can help us deal with the feelings of others. But most of the time, we are afraid we’ve let someone down. Do your best to be aware of the feelings of others and honor them when you can. But on the wedding day, you are there to please yourself and your groom as you begin your new life together.

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